At the Pure Green Cleaning Service we only use 100% natural products with no chemicals! We have also chosen a product that is prepared right here in Canada. Our all purpose cleaner is from Back to earth enviro products Inc. out of Coldstream British Columbia. We make other cleaners for stainless steel appliances, furniture polish, and glass/mirror cleaner using baking soda, vinegar, olive oil, essential oils and water.

Why Back to Earth?

Refresh and keep your home chemical-free! Our All Purpose Cleaner is healthy, natural and earth and body friendly made with safe, non-toxic plant based raw materials. No ozone depleting chemicals, no hazardous air pollutants, no glycol ethers, and no petroleum or petrochemical based ingredients.  Non GMO. Just spray and wipe clean (dilute for glass or mirrors). Not tested on animals.



Natural enzyme concentrate, orange rind, purified water, polysorbate 20 and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils of lavender, peppermint and rosemary.  Spray and wipe (dilute for glass or mirrors). 

Products We Use

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The Pure Green Cleaning Service

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